Sylvie Allen

Sweet Skills Founder, Head Coach, Personal Trainer

Sylvie loves to make wheels turn! She's been riding her whole life having grown up in North Vancouver and now calling Whistler/Pemberton area home. She first came across the joys and pains of mountain biking while rehabilitating from her first (of 4) knee surgeries in 1992. She soon learnt how to ride technical trails by trial and error - chasing the guys. Soon after she started entering in any kind of mountain bike race she could find. 10 years later she worked her way up to travelling internationally racing both downhill and cross country. Sylvie finished her more serious racing career in 2002 after being crowned Canadian National Downhill Champion. Now she races less-seriously and focusses her time coaching and discovering new adventures on her bike. She's been coaching mountain biking for over 18 years, offering thousands of women of all levels new ways to discover their potential on the bike.
When not helping people on their bike, Sylvie is guiding them in the gym. She is certified as a Mobility Specialist through Functional Range Conditioning and is also a BCRPA Personal Trainer, Agatsu Certified Kettlebell Instructor, and Agatsu Mobility and Movement Instructor. Inspiring others to reach their goals whether those goals are athletic, injury rehab, increased mobility, or weight loss. Sylvie has over 15 years experience and works hard to assist clients in reaching that next level of performance by first addressing imbalances to minimize risk of injury and creating a strong base for strength training.

Sylvie has been coaching in the industry for 18 years offering a variety of programs for different levels or riders.
Sweet Skills offering women's mountain bike clinics and custom private and group lessons since 2006.
Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps 2002-2010– Camp Manager and Head Coach from 2002-2004
Canadian Sports Business Academy – Head coach for the learn to ride / coach program for ESL students.
Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP) Mountain Bike Coach for the cognitive challenged
Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (WORCA): Annual Women's Race prep clinics, Adult Downhill Camp, Learn to Coach Clinic for the instructors, High School Team ride coach

Functional Range Conditioning - Mobility Specialist (FRC)
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor
Agatsu Mobility and Movement Instructor
BSF (Build a Strong Foundation) Instructor
Mountain Bike Instructor Level 2
Other recent continuing education courses and workshops:
Scientific Shoulder Training, Paul Chek
Scientific Back Training, Paul Chek
Trigger Point Performance Therapy, Twist Conditioning
Muscle Imbalance Testing & Movement Pattern Assessment, Essential Kinetics
Body Rolling, On the Edge Fitness Educators
Indoor Cycling Performance Training, Zimich Coaching