Anita Naidu

Coach, Engineer
24/7 Enthusiasm

Anita first realized her addiction to biking when she tried to sell her Canadian passport for new shocks. It was all downhill from there, literally. As a coach, former competitor and organizer of women's freeride events, Anita focuses on lowering the barrier of entry for women's participatory sport.She has coached hundreds of people from all over the world, with a speciality in dirt jumping, air and elements of flow .An all mountain athlete, former human rights journalist and red rover champion, Anita is an electrical engineer with graduate degrees in chemical and environmental engineering. In the past decade, her work with global social advocacy and social mobility projects have taken her to some very arresting places on the planet, often resulting in her google mapping western toilets and trying to decipher the multiplication tables behind their train schedules. Anita also has a knack for using semi colons, collecting overdue library fees and campaigning for freeride bikes with built in airbags. Sponsors: Rocky Mountain Bikes,Blurr, Clifbar, MTB4HER,Lululemon, HerLineUp