About Us

Meet our Coaches!

Sweet Skills coaches are local experts with amazing credentials.

We are passionate about delivering the best mountain bike experience out there.

Because, awesome is exactly what we strive for in every one of our own rides.


Emily Slaco

Lead Coach, Backcountry Guide, Dirt Slayer

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Tera Meade

DH Junkie, Fitness Pro, Desert Diva

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Bree Thorlakson

Pemberton Bike Club Leader, Master of Patience

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Christine Prescott

Lady of the Yukon, Artist, Rad Mom

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Kevin Wood

Our Main Dude, Multi-Talented

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Sylvie Allen

Sweet Skills Founder, Head Coach, Personal Trainer

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Deb MacKillop

Kootenay Shredder, Forester

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Bethany Parsons

Downhill specialist, bike whisperer, music therapist

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Samantha White

Worca Youth Program Head Coach, Sushi Slinger

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Matt Ryan

Mountain bike addict, Specialized rider

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