Corinne von Dehn

Yogi, Super Mom

 Corinne will be teaching the yoga sessions at the Chilcotin's Bike & Bend Retreat this Fall - lucky us!

Corinne's love for the outdoors brought her to Pemberton and the small town mountain culture where she been allowed to truly connect with her community through her yoga teaching and massage therapy. Corinne enjoys every minute of each day, whether she is skiing in the mountains, mountain biking, trail running or practicing yoga.
For Corinne, what started out to be a physical reasons for practicing yoga became more about connecting to an inner brightness the more she worked with breath and movement. Her almost daily yoga practice has taught her so much about her body and the amazing realization that the body is fully capable of finding balance when you allow it to.

She finished my yoga teacher training in June of 2010 with Kristin Campbell of YYoga. It was here that she was introduced to Anusara yoga and went on to study with Chris Chavez in the Anusara line of yoga, completing Immersions I-III. She's taken Yoga therapy workshops with John Friend, Martin Kirk, Patrick Creelman and Jonas Westring all in the Anusara tradition.

Taking a holistic approach in the care of her clients is her aim through her knowledge of health and wellness.


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