Gain confidence – LOVE riding your bike!

We're excited to announce our plans for 2018 clinics in February. New locations, new skills, so much fun!

Whether you’re a total newbie to biking (of any kind) or an experienced rider looking for the edge, Sweet Skills has something for you.

Our amazing coaches cover the fundamentals, like correct body position, braking skills and so much more. Even you’ll be surprised and impressed by what you can ride after just one clinic with Sweet Skills.

Beginner Women's Clinics

Start your riding experience on the right foot – er…wheel!

We’ll share valuable tips to get your bike set up right for the best body positioning, which will ultimately give you more control.
In each of the beginner clinics, our coaches run you through the essential skills, like gearing, maneuvering over rocks and roots, climbing, descending, braking and cornering.

Once everyone is excelling in the skills area, we hit the trails for loads of practice and even more fun!

Check out the calendar of events here

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Intermediate Women's Clinics

In a rut with your riding? Want to gain more flow, confidence, and technique?

Well, we want you to have a super fun time and learn a ton of new skills that you can take to your favourite trails. We take you to the next level by covering techniques in line selection, rolling down rock faces with amazing control, climbing technical pitches, mastering tight switchbacks, and learning how to manual your front wheel.

Lots of clinics to choose from here! So, all you need to know now is what you want to work on… there's a few more clinics left for the season! 

Check out the calendar of events here

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Advanced Women's Clinics

Ready to ditch those black diamond trail jitters, once and for all? We promise – it’ll make riding a whole lot more fun!

Learn how to approach obstacles and instantly decide which technique you’ll need to pull out of your back pocket to have success. We’ll show you how to quickly scan the trail and prepare yourself for taking air, rolling steep pitches, or flowing through those sweet corners.

Find our advanced coaches and clinics in Pemberton, Whistler, and Revelstoke! 

Check out our calendar of events here

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