Whistler - Pemberton

Up your skill level and style this Spring! Open up so much more riding with some new skills & confidence! 

Ready to ditch those black diamond trail jitters and put some more style in your riding?

Learn how to approach obstacles and instantly decide which technique you’ll need to pull out of your back pocket to have success. We’ll show you how to quickly scan the trail and prepare yourself for taking air, rolling steep pitches, or flowing through those sweet corners. 



em racing

Are you signed up for the Pemberton Spud Crusher  or looking to sign up for an enduro event? Well, this enduro prep clinic is for you, with hours of fun and tons of great tips.!

Spend the day dialing in specific skills and checking out line choices that will help keep your feet on the pedals and your rubber on the ground. Learn about race tactics and prep such as: what to eat, what to bring, how to conserve energy, race ethics, dealing with start line jitters, morning prep, and more.

Open to any rider whether you are signed up for the Enduro or not - learn great tips that you can transfer over to any ride, really.

The Spud Crusher Enduro is Pemberton's 3rd annual women's only event! This clinic, and event, is great for intermediate-and-up riders. And, you don't have to be signed up for the race to partake in this clinic.

Saturday MAY 2   10am-3pm    BOOK NOW *Check back mid-April for booking
$135 + gst    *sign up for more than 1 clinic and save $5 / clinic, use coupon code KEENER at checkout


steep n loose advSurf’s up ladies! Join us for some classic Pemberton style riding!

Review essential braking skills and learn how to put it all into action with the correct body position on a steep loose pitch. Learn how to be in control while you're out of control..! 

Be prepared to do a couple lower laps in the Mackenzie trails as we session our way through the steeper bits on the trails. Trails will be along the lines of Bob Gnarly & Blood Sweat Fear.

This clinic is great for the advanced rider looking to take down a nemesis or two.

Tuesday APRIL 21   5-8pm    *Check back for re-scheduled dates
$84 + gst    *sign up for more than 1 clinic and save $5 / clinic, use coupon code KEENER at checkout



Don’t left the fluffy name deceive you. If you haven’t ridden this trail yet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this Pemby icon. It’s full of rock, rock and… more rock. Oh, and epic views.

Creeping down a rock in control is a super fun, exhilarating, and essential skill. We'll break it down by sessioning a mellower rock and slowing things right down - literally! As a warm up, you’ll practice braking on ‘No Err’ before tackling ‘Cream Puff’.

This clinic is great for the advance rider looking to rock roll like a champ.

*Meet up at Mosquito Lake Road

Saturday JUNE 6   10am-1pm    BOOK NOW
$84 + gst    *sign up for more than 1 clinic and save $5 / clinic, use coupon code KEENER at checkout


Hammer out fun jump ‘n drop skills with our sweet boxes and stunts. Our favourite!

After you've mastered the technique and understand the difference between jumping and dropping on the grass, we'll take it to the Lower Mackenzie trails.

You’ll get air under those tires as we progress through various features in the trails, spending lots of time sessioning the fun stuff and dialing in the technique.

This clinic is also available as a custom clinic – grab some friends and have a blast while you learn exactly what you need to shred the trails!

Tuesday JUNE 2   5-8pm    BOOK NOW
$84 + gst    *sign up for more than 1 clinic and save $5 / clinic, use coupon code KEENER at checkout


Are you ready to take air?! The one and only Air Maiden, Lynne Armstrong will introduce you to a safe jumping progression. No need for the bike park.

You’ll practice skills in the pump track first to get your body and bike in the flow zone - and your heart pumping. Pump track skills will help you dial in an awesome body position to allow you to be more dynamic on your bike. Next, we’ll take your new pump skills into the jump park for a progressive lesson on how to get the wheels in the air. 

This clinic is great for an intermediate to advanced rider who is looking to get their wheels off the ground and add some more excitement to their riding!

Sunday JUNE 14   3-6pm    BOOK NOW
$84 + gst     *sign up for more than 1 clinic and save $5 / clinic, use coupon code KEENER at checkout


Want to stay one step ahead of your kid? Then drop your kid off at DFX and come play with the adults!

Me-FX gives you the chance to add more skills to your tool belt.

ME-FX: Micro Climate  

Are you hungry to stick those black diamond crux moves?

Dial in your body position and learn sweet moves that will help you navigate those steep loose corners while keeping your flow. As we session our way down the trail, we develop your abilities to scan the line and make quick decisions that will keep you rolling to the next feature.

This clinic is great for the solid advanced rider who has experience riding black descent trails in Whistler.

TUE July 21   9:30am-12pm    BOOK NOW

$70 +gst *sign up for more than 1 clinic and save $5 / clinic, use coupon code KEENER at checkout


Get some friends together and book us for your own clinic - whatever you choose! MG 7647Check some skills off your list and tackle the trails you've been having troubles with. A private group with just your friends is a great way to start your riding season.

Book us soon! Check here for pricing and ask us for the local sea to sky girlfriend discount - the more friends, the cheaper the pricing.  Email Sylvie to book.