Join us for a day of sessioning jumps, railing corners, and picking lines! 

Learn to Jump Clinic – Kelowna

Add a little more style and pizzazz (or should we say steeze..) to your riding by learning how to pump, jump, pop, and drop!

Start with some skills to get the wheels in the air then take it to the trails. Learn how to soar over little jumps and drops and smooth out the corners with more flow and confidence. Dial in your body position and trail scanning skills to pick out those fun lines and float down your favourite trail!

This is a fun and valuable clinic for anyone wanting to get their wheels in the air and dial in some sweet corners! 

SAT May 4  1:30-4:30pm    BOOK NOW
or SUN May 5 1:30-4:30pm    BOOK NOW

$85 + gst