Our inaugural Silverstar skills weekend is happening July 2020. Hone in your DH or XC skills with us during this super fun weekend of shredding.


Big berms and tabletops are everywhere in this bike park – let’s learn to master them and flow down the hill with confidence!

Our Sweet Skills coaches will help you dial in an aggressive stance and teach you how to scan through the corners and stick to your line. Next up is getting our wheels in the air! Learn the body position and timing for pumping and popping and getting the wheels off the ground.

Once we’ve filled you to the brim with a whole bunch of good tips we’ll flow through the park to put it all practice. A mid-day break and an apres social are in the works for a bit of down time amongst all the adrenaline.

SAT July 18, 2020   10am-4pm
$175 + gst    BOOK NOW

*lift tickets available for an additional fee
**Sign up for both Sat & Sun Park days and save $10, use Coupon Code SILVERSTAR at check out

BIKE PARK DROPS ‘n TECH silverstar

Add this day onto the jumps ‘n drop day for a super well-rounded bike park experience!

Start the day feeling fresh and ready to send that front wheel ahead of you for the drops. Learn the different between jumping and dropping and when to use each technique. We’ll progress from learning the move on the ground then bringing it to small drops and progressing from there.

Get your adrenaline going and crack a big smile one your face at the end of the morning! After a break we’ll head back up the hill to play around in some of the technical trails then put everything into practice with some fun flowy trails, showing off your new skills!

SUN July 19, 2020 10am-4pm
$175 + gst    BOOK NOW

*lift tickets available for an additional $55 + gst
**Sign up for both Sat & Sun and save $10, use Coupon Code SILVERSTAR at check out


So many fun technical features in the Sovereign trails! Join us high above Vernon in the quiet and techy trails right beside the bike park.

Sweet Skills coaches will break down key skills that will help boost your technical riding skills. Body position for all types of pitches, braking in control, cornering, climbing, and picking lines through technical terrain. Lots of practice in the trails with the chance to repeat some sections to really set in the new skills.

Also included in the day are bike maintenance tips so you can be more handy for trailside repairs and weekly maintenance.

SUN July 19, 2020 10am – 3pm
$150 + gst    BOOK NOW

*Sign up for both a Sat & Sun clinic and save $10, use Coupon Code SILVERSTAR at check out