Whistler - Pemberton

Tons of intermediate clinics will start early April. Check back in February for details and registration!

In a rut with your riding? Gain more flow, confidence, and technique

Well, we want you to have a super fun time and learn a ton of new skills that you can take to your favourite trails. We take you to the next level by covering techniques in line selection, rolling down rock faces with amazing control, climbing technical pitches, mastering tight switchbacks, and learning how to manual your front wheel.

Lots of clinics to choose from here! So, all you need to know now is what you want to work on… there's a few more clinics left for the season!

Happy Times Beg/Int - Pemberton

Finally climb Happy Trail with a smile on your face (coz, sometimes it's not so happy)!

Happy Trail, the gateway climb to all of the Mackenzie network of trails, is a grind. But, don’t worry we’ll have you rocking the uphill cornering skills and saying, “take that!” to those nemesis moves that you just loathe.

We’ll session the obstacles, while focusing on gearing, braking, and body positioning. You'll learn valuable tips to conquer the climb, so that you’ll always be feeling fresh for a Mackenzie or Radio Tower descent. Once we hit the Waco Connector, we’ll make a plan for a descent that everyone can conquer with a few tips from our coaches.

This clinic is great for an advanced beginner to intermediate rider. 

Spud Crusher Clinics - Pemberton

Come check out the trails that will be in the Pemberton Spud Crusher Women's Enduro Race. Learn some tricks to keep your feet on the pedals and your rubber on the ground! Open to any rider whether you are signed up for the Enduro or not - come on out and learn some great tips that you can transfer over to any trail!

The Spud Crusher Enduro is Pemberton's 2nd annual women's only enduro event! Woohooo! Great for intermediate and up riders. Come on out and check out part of the course with Sweet Skills coaches. You don't have to be signed up for the race to partake in this clinic.

Dates TBD

1 Mile Easy Tech - Beg/Int Pemberton

If you’re looking for a great introduction to technical riding, this clinic is for you. Leave it to our coaches to find the best learning terrain to help you master the essentials on 1 Mile's tech-y style loops.

Before sundown, you’ll be picking better lines, negotiating tighter corners, and generally staying on your bike!

We’ll add more fun learning in the descent by hitting up easier technical trails like Fizzy Pop and Dog Beach. This clinic is great for the lower intermediate rider who is not quite ready for the steeper Pioneer trail – yet!

Dates TBD

Mackenzie-Style - Pemberton

Expand your trail network with our essential Pemby skills clinic! We’ll take you back to the fundamentals and teach you how to ride intermediate terrain with flare.
Our coaches have you covered with great progressions for small drops and steeper slopes. We put special focus on breaking and body positioning throughout to give you the confidence for those sweet in-trail moves. We’ll be hitting the trails in the Mackenzie zone.Trails TBD depending on group and trail conditions.
This clinic is great for the intermediate rider looking to refresh technical skills.

Dates TBD

Flowin' 1 Mile - Pemberton

Get on your bike and stay on your bike! We’ll cover the best techniques to climb or descend Pemberton’s awesome technical pitches and steeper switchbacks.
By the end of this clinic, you’ll be riding smoothly over rocky and rooty terrain, spotting your line, rolling into steeper pitches and working the switchbacks – up and down! Practice the tech-y 1 Mile faves, like Lumpy’s, Pioneer, Fizzy Pop and more!
This clinic is great for the solid intermediate who is looking for the edge needed to conquer those steep Pioneer corners.

Dates TBD

Rock Rollin' - Pemberton

You’re gonna rock! In this rock rollin’ clinic, you’ll learn and practice simple braking techniques to control your speed on rock faces and technical terrain.
We’ll put a little more excitement in your ride by covering a more aggressive body position and interesting line choices. We kick things off with skill practice and round it out by rolling the No Err rock faces, going for a rip down Econoline and more.
This clinic is great for a solid intermediate rider who is looking to kick their descending up a notch.

Intermediate Skill Rides - Whistler

Have FUN after work with these weekly coached rides. Ride a new trail every week and discover new skills as you session the tricky bits with your coach. Learn new skills and meet new people to ride with.
Trails might include West Side Trails such as Danimal area, Emerald, Get Over It, River, etc, Cut yer Bars, Tunnel Vision, Delineator, etc.
Sign up for just one or save a few bucks and sign up for all 4!

Dates TBD

3 Week Intermediate Series - Whistler

Need an extra boost of confidence to your riding? Over this 3 week clinic you'll progress through a ton of fun skills and get into some technical trails in the valley. Only the 1st day is in Lost Lake for an intense skill review. Get some tips to help you with switchback cornering, braking on rock rolls, technical climbing, wheel lifts, and rolling over obstacles.

Great for the rider who is confident on 90% of the Lost Lake singletrack and is looking for more challenging trails.

Dates TBD


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