Join us in Carcross and Whitehorse for some skills and fun - July and September 2019

Carcross Skills Day

Learn some sweet new skills and be able to shred more of the Carcross trails!
Sweet Skills is offering up a full day of skills and sessioning for locals, and this camp is Co-Ed! Join Kevin Wood, Tera Meade, and Christine Prescott in this action packed 1 day skill session on the Carcross trails. Learn how to take jumps and drops, ride in control down rock rolls, pick your lines, and be smooth through the technical.
Flow through the trails with a more aggressive body positioning and see your skills advance to the next level!
Open to intermediate and advanced riders. Shuttles and lunch included.

Women’s Intermediate Skills Clinic – Whitehorse Yukon

Step your riding up to the next level with some sweet tips from the Sweet Skills Coaches!

Learn ways to maneuver over uphill obstacles, the correct body position and braking for steeper pitches, and how to take on any kind of corner! Take your new skills to any trail and have more fun on your bike this summer!

Dates & Trails TBD in Whitehorse.

Women’s Learn to Jump Clinic - Whitehorse, Yukon

Want to step up your trail riding skills to the next level and shred your local Whitehorse trails? Learn how to soar over little jumps and drops and be stoked to not have to ride around them anymore!

Sweet Skills coaches will show you how to flow through the trails with a more aggressive body positioning which will help you with cornering, technical obstacles, and keeping more speed.

Dates & Trails TBD in Whitehorse.