Group Classes



Get the best of both: spin intervals + bootcamp-style exercises = SpinCamp! Trust us, you’re gonna sweat! A full 30 minutes of spin intervals followed by 30 minutes of dryland exercises.

This is a non-stop energy output class that will build your strength and stamina during the winter. It’s guaranteed to give you a strong start to your mountain bike season!

Check back here for Fall 2019 Classes! Restarting in November... go ride your bike!

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SpinCamp - Youth Edition

Whether you’re into biking, rowing, basketball, or any other competitive sport, this class will give you the advantage you need, to come out a winner!

After 30 minutes of hammering on the spin bikes, we’ll head to the floor for fun bootcamp style drills & core conditioning. MG 7699Be ready to sweat! Ages 11-16

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Ride 'n Roll

Keep your fitness going between bike seasons with Sylvie's killer combo of spin intervals, abs & foam rolling.
Enjoy (ha ha) 45 minutes of hammering out intervals on your spin bike, followed by 15 minutes of stretching & foam rolling to round it all out.
All fitness levels welcome, no biking experience required.orkout that will leave you sweatier, stronger, and way more satisfied than working out on your own! Roll into your favourite summer sport with more energy and power.

Check back here for Fall 2019 Classes! Restarting in November... go ride your bike!

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Personal Training

Discover your potentialme n pika climb

Athletic - Mobility - Rehab - Health

Need to switch up your same-ol training routine? Or maybe you are starting from scratch? Either way, everyone has different goals to achieve. Whether it’s simply improving your fitness, increasing your range of motion, rehabilitating from an injury, or strengthening for your favourite sport, I can create a fun and effective workout for you to reach those goals.

Learning how to move your body in the most efficient and optimal way can give you strength, endurance and FRCflexibility…anything is possible! I have been trained as a Mobility Specialist through Functional Range Conditioning (FRC). Learn more about the FRC Method and how it can benefit anyone!

Consult & Mobility Screening

Every Personal Training client starts with a personal consultation first. This includes goal assessment, a functional movement pattern assessment and a mobility screening. A customized program will be created for you based on this information. And, you'll walk away from the consult with a list of mobility exercises and stretches based on the way YOUR body works.

$75 (+gst) 1 hour session

Personal Training Sessionsworkout 2

These one-on-one sessions are 1 hour in length. Use multiple sessions for a full workout or book a single session to review specific exercises and techniques that you'll take away and do on your own time.

1 time: $75 (+gst)
3 time: $210 (+gst)
5 time: $325 (+gst)
10 time: $595 (+gst)

Rates are per person. Want to add a friend to your session? Take 20% off each additional person.

Training is available at the Pemberton Community Centre.
Email Sylvie for more information or to book an appointment:

Training is available at the Pemberton Community Centre.1milelake