Whistler - Pemberton

Up your skill level and style this Summer! Let your new skills & confidence take you to some harder trails with our guidance. Check back in March for Spring dates!

Ready to ditch those black diamond trail jitters and put some more style in your riding?

Learn how to approach obstacles and instantly decide which technique you’ll need to pull out of your back pocket to have success. We’ll show you how to quickly scan the trail and prepare yourself for taking air, rolling steep pitches, or flowing through those sweet corners. 


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Ever wonder where your brake callipers are? Or even why you might want to know? Wish you could fix your own flat so you don’t have to ask someone else for help? All this and so much more in this intro to basic bike mechanics. We’ll go over different parts of your bike, what you’ll want to take care of, check before rides, and fix small repairs. Bring your bike with you for this hands-on clinic with Emily Slaco.

Planning on heading into our beautiful backcountry for some adventures this summer?  Even a ride into the wilds more than 3hrs away from civilization can be considered backcountry considering a mishap out there could lead to a long walk home in the dark. Take some time with us to learn some of the basics of backcountry troubleshooting.  What should you carry in your pack and where to draw the line (we don’t want to carry everything & the kitchen sink!).  Carry the right kind of fuel to keep you going & that you’ll actually want to eat, not another Gel ewww.  Always have a good safety plan, cause you just never know.


Lynn jumpAre you ready to take air?! The one and only Air Maiden, Lynne Armstrong will introduce you to a safe jumping progression. No need for the bike park as we’ll stay in the valley and session the pump track and small jump lines.

We’ll start with practicing skills in the pump track to get your body and bike in the flow zone - and your heart pumping. Pump track skills will help you dial in an awesome body position to allow you to be more dynamic on your bike.

Next, we’ll take your new pump skills into the jump park for a progressive lesson on how to get the wheels in the air. We practice on the tabletop jumps where you can safely land on top of the jump and progress from there at your own speed.

This clinic is great for an intermediate to advanced rider who is looking to get their wheels off the ground for the first time.

Skill Level: I - IA (Intermediate - Int/Advanced)



Need a cornering 101 lesson? This is it!

Do you know how to move your bike underneath you for the corners? Do you loose speed in the corners, and just feel awkward? Up your cornering skills and feel super rad in the corners! We'll break it down with lots of skills drills then take it to some turny trails for repetition and video analysis.  Good times are just around the corner!

Skill Level: I - A (Intermediate - Advanced)  


DSC03080Are you hungry to stick those black diamond crux moves?

Dial in your body position and learn sweet moves that will help you navigate the challenging sections while keeping your calm & control. Whether this is a steep rock roll, a loose corner, a punchy up and over, or multiple features in a row, Sweet Skills coaches will guide you through the steps and give you the confidence to give it a go.

As we session our way down the trail, develop your abilities to scan the line and make quick decisions that will keep you rolling to the next feature.

Grab this amazing opportunity to ride and be coached by our super skilled coaches Emily Slaco, Meredith Eades and Katrina Strand!! Trails will be weather dependant but could include Micro Climate, Out There, Business Time, or Working Class. 

Skill Level: IA - A (Int/Advanced - Advanced)


 MG 1222

Hammer out fun jump ‘n drop skills with our sweet boxes and stunts. Our favourite! This is an evening full of skill drills to give you more tools in your biking toolbelt.

Some trail work will be incorporated and learn where you can pop off fun little things in the trail, try some table top jumps, and carve some sweet corners! This clinic is not about 'sending' it big in the trails.. we focus on skills and good technique to get you dialed for future sending!

Skill Level: I - IA (Intermediate - Int/Advanced)


steep n loose advSurf’s up ladies! Join us for some classic Pemberton style riding!

Review essential braking skills and learn how to put it all into action with the correct body position on a steep loose pitch. Learn how to be in control while you're out of control..! 

Be prepared to do a couple lower laps in the Mackenzie trails as we session our way through the steeper bits on the trails. Trails will be along the lines of Bob Gnarly & Mission.

This clinic is great for the advanced rider looking to take down a nemesis or two.

Skill Level: IA - A (Int/Advanced - Advanced)


Get some friends together and book us for your own clinic - whatever you choose! MG 7647Check some skills off your list and tackle the trails you've been having troubles with. A private group with just your friends is a great way to start your riding season.

Book us soon! Check here for pricing and ask us for the local sea to sky girlfriend discount - the more friends, the cheaper the pricing.  Email Sylvie to book.