Our 5th annual Valemount skills weekend is returning again for 2022 along with a kid's day! Valemount is one of BC's funnest trail networks, come see why!


Get ready for full day of fun and a whole lotta learning with Sweet Skills coaches. You’ll start the session with skills 'n drills to dial in and refine body position, braking, cornering, and rolling over drops. After a break we’ll hit the trails to put it all together and get lots of practice on those infamous Valemount trails! A little tech, a lot of flow and guaranteed fun!

This session focusses more on the technical trails, cornering, and the very basics of getting your wheels in the air. Be ready for a wee bit of pedalling to access some sweet switchbacks. Great for any level of intermediate rider looking to work on fundamental skills for all round riding. 

Ability Level: BI - I: Beginner/Intermediate & Intermediate

Friday JUNE 10 12-6pm  BOOK NOW
$225 + gst

*Lunch & shuttle fees not included, bring a bike that can pedal uphill



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Are you ready to up your game and take your riding to the next level? Want to flow through the trails faster and approach jumps with more confidence?

Figure out how to do all that in just one day with our awesome coaches! Dial in some key fundamentals during the first part of the clinic, then flow it all together on the super fun Valemount bike park trails for the rest of the day. We put special focus on breaking down body positioning, timing, and line choices to give you the confidence for those sweet in-trail moves like the bermed corners, drops and tabletop jumps. Get ready for a super fun day on the trails! 

Ability Level I - A: Intermediate - Advanced

Level 1: New or very new to jumps/drops
Level 2: Previous jump/drop lesson or experience


Saturday JUNE 11
Level 1 8:30am - 2:30pm   WAITLIST
Level 2 9:30am - 3:30pm   WAITLIST

Sunday JUNE 12 9am-3pm  
Level 1 8:30am - 2:30pm   BOOK NOW

Guys included in any session!
*Lunch & shuttle fees not included

$225 + gst each day (ppl signing up for both days will be grouped the best we can)

**Groups will be divided based on ability levels where possible. We do our best to group together based on similar levels though even the most advanced rider can learn from 'slowing down back to basics' and a lower level rider can learn from riding with more advanced riders in a supportive environment.


It's Sunday Funday in Valemount for the kids! Sign up your kids for this 4 hour session of skill progression and riding with our Sweet Skills coaches.

Valemount Bike Park is packed with fun trails and we're excited to ride them with your kids! Our goal is to have our students riding with more confidence and progress their skills whether they are learning to get air for the first time or need some skill refinement. There will be lots of review on safe biking skills, body position, downhill stance, braking smoothly, how to approach jumps, and improving cornering skills. We'll access the trails by shuttling and would love to have some volunteer parents to shuttle!


  • 8-12 years old, co-ed
    Your child must be past the beginner stage and able to pedal and coast on level pedals on flowy blue trails as a minimum requirement.
    The group will be split into groups the best we can dependant on ability:
    Level 1: Rollers - brand new or timid jumpers
    Level 2: Shredders – some experience with getting air and riding technical trails

Gear & what to bring: elbow and knee pads, well fitting helmet (full face suggested but not mandatory), bike gloves, bike in good condition with mountain bike tires and front suspension as a minimum. Snacks and water are a must!

Sun JUNE 12 9am-1pm  WAITLIST
$150 * shuttle fees not included

Support the local Valemount Bike Park trail association by becoming a member!

Read about the awesome Valemount trails here: Bike Mag

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