Open up a whole new world of adventure with adaptive mountain biking!amtb3

Based out of Whistler, British Columbia, the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP) offers an amazing variety of programs for people with physical and cognitive disabilities to access nature and participate in sport.

Sylvie has been coaching the WASP summer mountain bike program since its inception in 2010. Since then the technology and availability of equipment and programs has grown in such a positive way and we’re excited to see what the future brings!

Through the aMTB program, fun and approachable coached rides (group or private) are offered to locals and visitors with cognitive, physical, or visual disabilities. 


Whistler Adaptive Sports Program: Book online with WASP to try out one of the aMTB bikes, inquire about our AMTB camps, or sign up for all kinds of adaptive programs.

WASP has a small fleet of adaptive mountain bikes (aMTB) available for private or small group guiding. The aMTB, bikes have electric hand pedalling assist motors, so riders can access more trails and climb hills with ease. Accessing some of Whistler’s amazing views and trails has been impossible until the assistance of an electric motor on these adaptive bikes!

amtb1Check out the XCR and Explorer bikes here: Sport-ON

Kootenay Adapative: KASA offers some incredible programs in the Kootenays and throughout BC. In March 2022 they launched the first ever all women’s adaptive mountain bike camp in Squamish and it was a huge success! Check out Flow Adaptive AMTB Retreat and watch out for more locations being added. Look out for their camps and programs online as they lead the way in adaptive programming in BC. 

“Taking people with disabilities into the trails and watching their world open up to a whole new realm of possibility is more rewarding than anything I have ever done in my coaching career!” ~ Sylvie Allen