Learn in 3 hours what could take you years!Sylvie and Susannah web

We invite you to accelerate your learning curve with a private mountain bike lesson. Our amazing coaches will help you discover your full riding potential! Your skills and confidence will improve to give you the power to tackle those harder trails with new-found excitement. Book a session with just yourself, or bring a group of friends. Either way, we offer a customized lesson that encourages those ‘light bulb’ moments of discovery. We’ll show you new techniques for approaching those pesky obstacles that always get in your way.

Sylvie, our head coach and Sweet Skills founder, and her coaches have helped thousands of people in over 20 years of mountain bike coaching. Trust us to find you the best trail to learn and practice the skills on your checklist!

Whistler and Pemberton offer the best playground in the world for learning! Be sure to sign up for a coaching session and elevate your skills to a new level! Private lessons also available in Kamloops.

⚡️E-Bike Private Lessons are also available for any level! ⚡️


Private (1 person)
2 Hours $225, 3 Hours $320
8 Hours $825 (3-4 separate sessions)

Additional Person (2 hr lesson)
$60 per person up to 5

Additional Person (3 hr lesson)
$80 per person up to 5

Additional Person (8 hr package)
$225 per person up to 5

*GST not included in above prices

Email us to book a session and discuss your options.