Ready to Ride and Thrive? Join Sylvie at Spin Camp for a heart-pounding, muscle-burning experience that will take your fitness to new heights.

This dynamic, high-energy class promises the best of both worlds – intense spin intervals and all body bootcamp exercises. Get ready to work hard so you can play hard in this 75 (or 60) minute session that will leave you sweating, smiling (or grimacing), and ready to conquer any challenge!

Don’t worry, there’s always a well-deserved stretch to enhance flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and promote recovery.

Spin Camp welcomes all fitness enthusiasts, whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, a bootcamp enthusiast, or someone looking to mix up their workout routine. Sylvie ensures the class is adaptable to various fitness levels, making it an inclusive and fun experience for everyone.

Location: Pemberton Community Centre (room C)

What to Bring: Water bottle, sweat towel, workout shoes, bike shoes optional, and a positive attitude!

Book your spot now and get ready for a strong start to your mountain bike season!

Wednesdays 6:45-8pm or Mondays 6-7am from now till end of April




Are you ready to prioritize self-care, enhance your flexibility, and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a limber body?

Join Sylvie for “Limber Up!” – a transformative 45-minute class designed to elevate your range of motion, promote joint health, and leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Each class will include dynamic mobility exercises, foam and ball rolling techniques and guided stretching.

“Limber Up!” is suitable for everyone, regardless of your fitness level or experience. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance, someone recovering from an injury, or simply someone seeking to enhance overall well-being, this class is tailored for you.

Discover a new level of well-being. Your body will thank you!

Location: Pemberton Community Centre (room C)

What to Bring: Comfy and stretchy clothes, socks, no shoes needed

Wednesdays 8:15-9pm






Welcome to Sylvie’s Fitness Portal – Your Journey to Better Movement, Strength, and Health!

Whether you’re aiming to enhance your mobility, build strength, recover from an injury, or simply feel better in your body, I’m here to guide you through a personalized and fun experience.

Your goals are as unique as you are. I create tailored workout programs designed to help you feel better, move better, be faster, and get stronger, and of course have fun in the process. Achieving your fitness goals isn’t just about exercise. I emphasize optimal movement patterns, ensuring you gain the benefits of increased mobility, strength, and power without sacrificing posture.


Every new client undergoes a consultation for goal assessment and a functional movement pattern assessment. Based on this, a customized program will be created for you. This would be your first session in a package. Leave the consultation with some mobility and core homework.

Personal Training Sessions
(60 minutes)
2 time: $175
5 time: $410
10 time:$750

Add a friend? Take 25% off each session!

Location: Training sessions will take place at Pemberton Community Centre or at your home gym.


  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor
  • Agatsu Mobility and Movement Instructor
  • BSF (Build a Strong Foundation) Instructor
  • PMBIA Mountain Bike Instructor Level 2