Emma was not born in Whistler (aka never ever land), but says she feels lucky, excited and proud to call this mountain adventure ‘mecca’ her home.
Her bike journey started with her first job as a paper girl, slipping around wet corners as she delivered (sometimes soggy) papers in a small village in the UK. The sharp learning curve began in 2007 with her first season in the Whistler bike park. Since then she has been an avid biker – DH, XC and (dare she say it) road triathlon!
Emma will admit she is a little obsessed with how the body moves best and with her mother being a P.E. teacher it was not a surprise she too became a mountain bike coach (2013), personal trainer (2015) and Yoga Teacher (2017).
Emma’s competitive focus lay in triathlon, qualifying for the world long distance triathlon champs and off road Xterra champs in 2015.
She now prefers a good old muddy shred day with friends and a more random selection of bike ‘missions’, flowing through a yoga practice or hanging out in the sky on aerial silks.