*Please note this is just a general assessment and might not capture your exact fitness level. Please contact us with any questions.

1 –

You like to cruise around the flats and only get out about once a week for a short ride. You like a relaxed pace and don’t like to get your heartrate up too much. The smaller hills poop you out and you definitely do everything you can to avoid any bigger hill climbs. Bring me some oxygen!

2 –

You ride one or more times per week and are comfortable at a moderate pace for about an hour or so. The hills are challenging and you try and go as far up as you can before you have to walk. Technical hill climbs are very challenging since they require more effort and you just don’t have it in the tank. You choose gentler rolling terrain and are just happy being out on your bike and are not trying to break any speed records!

3 –

You are a keen weekend warrior who gets out 2-3 times per week and enjoy riding for a couple hours at a moderate pace. You can handle some moderate hill climbing efforts as long as you can take breaks on the way up. You’re not racing to the top, you’re just happy to still be on your bike! You don’t love going anaerobic and are looking forward to getting fitter and better at the harder hill climbs. Riding 2 days in a row is manageable as long as the 2nd day is a bit mellower.

4 –

You ride 3 or more times per week on a regular basis and also incorporate other exercise during the week. You like to go on longer rides and can handle riding consistently for 3 hours at a time with a few breaks here and there. You can make it up most hill climbs without stopping but might get hung up on those technical moves at the top. You can handle some shorter anaerobic intervals during your ride and can ride 3 days in a row no problem. You’ve done a couple longer adventure rides and at a mellower pace you could last most of the day.

5 –

You do some form of exercise 5 times a week and are on the bike for most of those days. You don’t mind challenging yourself on harder hill climbs and only need a small break to recover. You like a quick pace with some longer anaerobic intervals and can maintain that for 3 or more hours. Riding longer days at a moderate pace for over 4 hours is manageable and you love the longer adventure rides in the mountains! Riding multiple days in a row is not a problem.

6 –

This category can be considered Fitness Freak, you know who you are! You can’t get enough exercise and it’s almost like an addiction. You like riding with a faster group and can handle a sustained challenging pace with longer anaerobic intervals. You don’t mind long adventures and hike-a-biking and can handle a full 8 hour day on the bike with enough water and food. Multiple days in a row is totally manageable and you love the challenge of a harder ride, a faster pace, or a longer day on the bike.