Lemony, coconuty, crispy and delicious! You won’t regret making these but you might regret sharing them..

1 cup Almonds
1 & 1/3 cup dates (12-14 big medjool dates)
1 cup Almond butter (or peanut butter)
1/4 cup Maple syrup
1.5Tbsp Lemon rind from organic lemon
1.5 Tbsp Fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/3 cup Coconut flakes – unsweetened
1/4 cup Flax seeds
1/4 cup Toasted quinoa (toast uncooked quinoa with a bit of coconut oil, cinnamon, maple syrup till toasted but not burnt)
3/4 cup Crispy rice puffs

Soak the dates in some warm water till they soften up (15mins). Put them in the cuisinart mixer and blend them up till mushy. Add the almonds and mix enough to just blend them in. Add almond butter and mix again. Add all the rest of the ingredients up till the rice puffs. You’ll probably run out of room anyway and we don’t want to pulverise the crispy puffs so put it all in a big bowl and stir in the puffs with spoon or hands. Scrape it all in a 9×9 pan lined with parchment and flatten it out with your hands.

Bake for aprox 25-30 minutes at 350 until it looks slightly browned and a bit firm. Cut in squares after they’ve cooled and store them in the freezer. Enjoy!