Put everything in a mixer jar with a coil and then pour into your bottle. Change up the proportions to your liking.

1/2 Fresh squeezed lime juice
1 TBS Beet Juice Crystals
1 TBS Coconut Water Powder – or a can of coconut water
1 Tsp Maple Syrup
1/2 tsp Spirulina powder
1/4 tsp Himilayan pink salt

Add water to fill up the jar, this will make about a bottles worth or a little more. You can store it in the fridge if you have extra. You need to shake it and not stir otherwise the spirulina will not blend in.

With all these amazing ingredients, you’ll be getting all the essentials you need to keep the power on! Minerals (beets, salt, spirulina, coconut), electrolytes (coconut, lime), carbs (maple syrup, coconut), protein & antioxidants (spirulina).