*Please note this is just a general assessment and might not capture your exact level. Please contact us with any questions.


You are very new to mountain biking and perhaps have never ridden off road. You need to learn everything there is to know about riding including how your bike works. You’re looking for a gentle approach since you feel pretty nervous about getting into the sport. You’re looking to get rid of the nerves and just have fun on your bike on double track and be able to corner, brake safely, manage some hills, and stand on level pedals.


You’ve been cruising around the double track with not much problem and are fairly confident with your basic body position of level pedals on these trails. You’re looking to get more experience with the easier singletrack trails. You’re pretty new to mountain biking but are keen and excited for the challenge. Or perhaps you’ve taken some time off the bike and need a refresher of the basics. You’re looking to be able to control your bike on the hills, manage small roots and rocks that you might find in the singletrack and get some tips on the bridges and corners. You want to cover all the basics to develop a solid foundation for a fun future of mountain biking. You would like a gradual introduction to the trails at a manageable pace.


You have at least a season or 2 of riding under your belt and are looking to increase your confidence to be able to ride more of the features on the blue trails and get out of the green trails. You are comfortable on the green trails and need a boost to push your skills to the next level and explore some more challenging blue terrain. You can get over some easier technical features but not quite sure what you’re doing. You need a review of the fundamentals to be able to learn how to approach and ride technical features and control your bike on steeper pitches and keep some flow on the bumpier terrain.


You love the blue trails and can ride most of the features except perhaps some elevated bridges with corners or harder technical ups and exposed downs. You dable in some easier blacks but walk some of the harder features. You’re looking for confidence and tips to help you figure out how to look for your lines and commit to the more challenging obstacles. You’re ready to improve your switchback corners, your traction on steeper climbs, and your control down rock faces and steeper technical pitches. You need to learn more about your braking to avoid skidding at the wrong time. You generally keep your wheels on the ground but are keen to learn how to get some small air for the first time.


You have at least a few years of experience and are confident riding most types of singletrack and don’t mind riding in varying conditions (wet, dry, loose). You can keep some good speed and flow on the blue trails and can ride features on a black trail if they’re in good condition. You’re able to do small drops of up to 2ft and can get a bit of air on small jumps but need more tips on your timing and speed when doing them in the trail. You can descend moderately technical steep sections including rock and uneven roots but are looking for more control and tips with some more advanced braking skills and the right body position. You’d like to gain confidence on approaching challenging sections and looking for the right line. You’d like to learn how to be a bit faster and more stable while cornering.


You’re comfortable riding most black trails and maybe even the odd double black. You can keep your speed through technical sections but need some tips on how to control your speed at the end of some of the features. You can ride most rock faces but still skid a bit on some that aren’t perfect so you could use some tips on advanced braking. You don’t mind a good challenging technical climb and just need some refinement on your line choice and body position. You love a good high speed corner but would like to improve on your speed and traction. You like a bit of airtime on the right trail and can handle some moderate tabletop jumps, 2-4ft drops. You’re ready to be challenged with some more advanced strategies and approaches to trail features.