Mountain biking is Sophie’s passion and values all the lessons it can teach us from self-reliance to confidence to commitment, to the power of nature.
Sophie began her journey in a little country called Aotearoa, New Zealand. She was always adventuring and exploring outside, having fun! Sophie began riding and racing Cross Country as a young teen, but realised she enjoyed the physical and mental challenges that downhill riding provided. She began racing Downhill and found she thrived, this sparked the drive to travel overseas and race on the World Cup Circuit with the world’s best! Sophie took a step back from international racing to give her time to cultivate and enjoy new skills. 
 With over 10 years of experience and racing, she has had the privilege to work with some of the top coaches and mentors in the world. She has trained on tracks, in the gym and on the trails to continuously improve her abilities and, most importantly, have as much fun as possible on the bike. She cant wait to share these experiences on the trails with you too!