Intermediate Progression Series #1 – Pemberton


Check back Winter 2025 for new Spring 2025 dates! Improve your fitness and skills just in time for summer with this 4 week progressive clinic.  Enjoy Pemberton's great early season riding conditions with tacky trails, fun features, and amazing views.  Our all-star team of Sweet Skills female coaches will get you pumped for biking and […]

Bike Tech 101 – Pemberton

Sweet Skills Headquarters Pemberton

Looking to gain some more knowledge about your bike and fix some basic problems like a flat tire? Tired of asking for help whenever something goes wrong? Learn so much more than you thought possible and walk away feeling more confident - and handy! In this intro to basic bike mechanics with Sylvie, we’ll go […]


Rock Rollin’ – May


Join us for a game-changing mountain bike clinic that you won't want to miss! In this adrenaline-pumping 4-hour session, you'll master essential braking techniques to confidently navigate rocky terrain without skidding. Say goodbye to those out-of-control moments! Elevate your riding experience as we dive into more aggressive body positioning and explore exciting line choices. We'll […]


Pemberton Sunday FunDay


Ready to take your riding to the next level and unlock your full potential? If so, this well-rounded full day clinic in Pemberton will do just that! Aimed at intermediate riders and up, this clinic will have us rolling through some of Pembertons best trails - including some classic rock rolls & steeps and finishing […]

$178.50 – $215.25

Carve it Up Pemby!


Need a cornering 101 lesson?? This is it! Do you know how to move your bike underneath you for the corners? Do you loose speed in the corners, and just feel awkward? Foot down, foot out, foot up, hips where? - it can be so confusing! Gain a ton more knowlege about where you should […]